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CBD Infused

Our coffee is infused with CBD (Cannabidiol). This has many beneficial effects on the mind and body, such as easing anxiety and helping in improving fitness.


We only use premium ingredients when creating our coffee. Utilizing CBD liposomes and pure C8 MCT oil. Resulting in a highly effective CBD supplement.


Brew just like normal coffee. With our coffee you can easily make CBD part of your daily routine. And best of all it has no strange taste.

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CBD Coffee

Contains 250mg of CBD

Makes 25 servings

A serving contains 10mg of CBD

A medium/dark artisan roast

£20 for 250g
Incl. Tax

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CBD Coffee Bags

14 single use Coffee Bags

A serving contains 5mg of CBD

No brewing equipment required

Only 70p a drink

£10 for 14 bags
Incl. Tax

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